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Mould Manufacturing

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Demo Casters Has a team of outstanding Tool Makers, Machinists and Fitters, in its Tool Room, which undertakes the manufacture of all the Die Casting Mould, required by its customers for production of castings. It also manufactures all the trimming tools, machining fixtures, special purpose jigs and fixtures to aid in the smooth and effective manufacture of world class components for its customers.
We use some of the most sophisticated and New Age machinery in our Tool Manufacture. These include, Makino and Haas CNC Machining Centres, Mitsubishi and Makino Wire Cut Machines, Agie Charmilles, Makino and Chmer Isocut and Roboform EDM Machines, Okomoto and Chevalier Surface Grinders, Praga Cylindrical Grinders and a host of other ultra modern and precision machineries.
We also take the aid of optical measurements by CMM for critical dimensions and precision mould making.
We take great pride in the fact that we build Precision Tools with the Best Available Materials, which surpass not only our guaranteed tool life, but most importantly, the customers’ expectations, by leaps and Bounds.